General Info

Green Fees (includes tax, cart and range balls)
18-holes: $90 pre-pay / $100 walk-in
9-holes: $65
Club & bag rental: $50 (each player must have own set)
Non-golf rider (9 or 18): $25

Scenic Cart Rides & Fishing
$40 cart per hour (max 2 riders)
$40 per hour fishing pole (we do not rent poles)
Clubhouse check-in required

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July Clubhouse Hours:

Golf & Practice Facility: 6:30AM – 6:30PM

Frio Valley Ranch Golf Club
520 Mountain Valley Drive
Concan, TX 78838

830.834.9340 (call/text)

Hole No. 1

Beautiful opening hole from elevated tee to slight dogleg to the left. A dry creek guards the front of the green which slopes from back to front requiring the second shot to be below the hole.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 9 345
The Falls 4 9 379
Harper’s 4 9 413
The Wall 4 9 413

Hole No. 2

The dogleg right 2nd hole is one of the best at Frio Valley Ranch. A deep fairway bunker guards the right side of the fairway, encouraging the tee shot to be shaped left to right. A nice drive leaves a middle iron into the large, undulating green.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 3 386
The Falls 4 3 425
Harper’s 4 3 425
The Wall 4 3 450

Hole No. 3

The 469 yard Par 4 provides a challenge even to the longest hitters. Both sides of the landing area are protected by native grasses. A long, well-placed tee shot will leave a long iron approach to the narrow, slightly elevated greens.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 11 396
The Falls 4 11 439
Harper’s 4 11 439
The Wall 4 11 469

Hole No. 4

One of the most scenic holes in Concan. The tee shot must carry the dry creek bed and stay right of the oak tree on the left side of the fairway. A nice drive leaves a short iron approach to an elevated, two-tier green. The iron shot must stay below the hole to afford an opportunity for birdie.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 5 340
The Falls 4 5 364
Harper’s 4 5 417
The Wall 4 5 417

Hole No. 5

This slightly uphill Par 3 plays into a prevailing wind. The difficulty of the 5th hole is choosing the proper club in playing to vary short, but wide green. The pin placement can be extremely tough with a shelf on each side, as well as a deep bunker to the right front of the green.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 3 15 153
The Falls 3 15 174
Harper’s 3 15 174
The Wall 3 15 212

Hole No. 6

One of the most difficult driving holes at Concan. The left side of the medium length Par 4 is protected by the native grasses and the right side fairway bunker. A nice drive leaves the a mid-to-short iron into the generous, but sloping green protected on both sides by deep bunkers.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 13 306
The Falls 4 13 374
Harper’s 4 13 417
The Wall 4 13 417

Hole No. 7

The short Par 3 seventh hole plays to a severely elevated green with a deep bunker surrounding the front of the green. The fairly flat greens angles from front left to back right, placing a premium on club selection.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 3 17 117
The Falls 3 17 150
Harper’s 3 17 156
The Wall 3 17 156

Hole No. 8

The number one handicap hole at Frio Valley Ranch. From the tip, the Par 4, 8th hole plays a mere 507 yards. A fairway bunker on the left and preservation on the right line the driving area and demand both length and accuracy to give the player any chance of reaching the green in regulation. The bunker short right of the green gives the player the appearance that the green is actually closer than it is. Another bunker protects the left front green.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 1 431
The Falls 4 1 477
Harper’s 4 1 477
The Wall 4 1 507

Hole No. 9

The first Par 5 at FVR offers an opportunity to finish the front nine with a birdie. This Par 5 winds its way up the hill towards the clubhouse. Native grass lines the left side with cedar brush all the way down the right, A well-placed second shot leaves a short, uphill pitch to an elevated, sloping green.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 5 7 476
The Falls 5 7 519
Harper’s 5 7 519
The Wall 5 7 562

Hole No. 10

The back nine begins with a downhill Par 4 with out of bounds down the left and a fairway bunker and native grass down the right. A good drive leaves a middle iron approach to a well-bunkered green angling from left-front to back-right.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 10 375
The Falls 4 10 408
Harper’s 4 10 408
The Wall 4 10 439

Hole No. 11

This relatively short Par 4 demands a decision be made from the tee. Severe fairway bunkers require the player to either layup, leaving a longer iron into a very narrow, well-bunkered green, or hit driver over and between them risking bogey or worse by having them play from the deep-faced cavernous bunker hazards.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 6 342
The Falls 4 6 387
Harper’s 4 6 412
The Wall 4 6 412

Hole No. 12

The signature 12th hole provides the ultimate challenge for all players. This long, downhill Par 4 measures 452 yards from the tips. The hole doglegs slightly to the right from an elevated tee to a fairway that narrows in the landing area. The downhill lie on the second shot makes club selection difficult for a second shot to a small target with a creek both in front of and immediately behind the green. A second tied to the most difficult back left pin location makes the 12th one of the most challenging Par 4’s in the Texas Hill Country.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 4 380
The Falls 4 4 416
Harper’s 4 4 416
The Wall 4 4 452

Hole No. 13

This Par 5 thirteenth hole, at 620 yards, is the longest and most demanding at Frio Valley Ranch. An errant tee shot to the right makes for an even more challenging second shot to have any chance of saving par. A long iron second shot carefully placed just short of the dry native creek protecting the front of the green leaves about 100 yards to this three-shot hole. A small elevated green framed by deep bunkers makes accuracy on a third shot a must to achieve par.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 5 2 563
The Falls 5 2 590
Harper’s 5 2 590
The Wall 5 2 620

Hole No. 14

The tee box view on this Par 3 is breathtaking and proper club selection is paramount on this medium length hole. The green is surrounded by a dry creek bed on three sides and 3 bunkers to the left. The shallow green only measures only 22 yards deep and angles from front right to back left affording numerous precise hole locations.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 3 14 137
The Falls 3 14 160
Harper’s 3 14 160
The Wall 3 14 177

Hole No. 15

Don’t underestimate the shortest Par 4 at Frio Valley Ranch. The 15th hole measures only 356 yards from the tips, but the neighboring ranch is defined by a tall game fence all the way down the left of the narrow fairway that slopes to the water that borders the right side. A solid iron shot from the tees still leaves a challenging approach shot to an elevated, two-tiered green above the water.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 4 12 328
The Falls 4 12 346
Harper’s 4 12 346
The Wall 4 12 356

Hole No. 16

The 16th, Par 5, affords players a realistic birdie opportunity at 519 yards from the tips. The generous fairway offers players a chance to reach the green in two but beware of the fairway bunker on the left from the tee box. The narrow green rises from front to back and an undesired extra stroke if the green side bunker under the tree on the right isn’t avoided.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 5 18 455
The Falls 5 18 484
Harper’s 5 18 519
The Wall 5 18 519

Hole No. 17

The 17th hole is just over 200 yards from the back tee. The back right pin location tempts the players to carry another treacherous bunker to a tiny landing area. Shooting at the pin can be tempting but aiming at the center, regardless of pin placement, is the safe play to ensure par.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 3 16 147
The Falls 3 16 181
Harper’s 3 16 181
The Wall 3 16 202

Hole No. 18

The serpentine uphill finishing Par 5 can be birdied with a tee shot on the left side of the fairway and a second shot approach to the front right of the green. The front left greenside bunker is deep and challenging to get out of, while the right side bunker is easy to roll into. To ensure par, set up for a short wedge 50 yards shy of the green. Once completing the round with a good putt, players can walk up the hill behind the 18th green to enjoy a beautiful backdrop to the entire valley and the hidden gem Frio Valley Ranch provides its guests.

Tee Par H/C Yardage
Whitewater 5 8 480
The Falls 5 8 525
Harper’s 5 8 553
The Wall 5 8 553

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